(not quite) a literary journal




Sybil was founded in 2017 in San Marcos, Texas by Stephen Spencer, Jake Buckholz, and Rudy Martinez (collectively known as the Sybil 3) with the desire to change the perception of the literati, from that of pretentious and elitist to inclusive and welcoming. In early 2019, Alyssia Muñoz officially joined the masthead thereby sparking new life into the fledging New York Bureau.

Sybil follows the new approach to the literary journal format. Instead of publishing new issues monthly, quarterly, or annually, we focus our energies on curating an ever-growing pool of work online.

We are striving to build up an inter-regional network of artists and pride ourself as an artist-friendly publication. Contributors collect one hundred percent of the profits donated to them by readers in our Tip Jar.  

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If you have any further questions or would like to submit, feel free to send an email to sybiljournal@gmail.com