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The Sybil 3 Step Out of the Spotlight

After holding a long meeting in the backyard of Buckholz's San Marcos 'Bungalow' on Sunday afternoon, the Sybil 3, along with two special advisors, came to a decision. We have faded our names from the homepage and combined our writing with that of our 'Guest Contributors' under a new catchall titled 'Work'. 

'The Sybil 3', Photo by Amy Searle

This change does not mean that Sybil is moving closer towards the classic literary journal format. No disrespect to our friends at The Atlantic or McSweeney's, but we like what we have here. It is simply a change born out of our growth. We have begun to reach crowds who do not know who Jake, Stephen, and Rudy are, and that is great. We just don't want to scare them away by having our names all over the homepage.

We would like to take this chance to sincerely thank everyone who has checked out our work, been patient with us as we learn to build a website, talked about us to a friend, donated their hard-earned money, submitted their own writing, photography, or art of any sort. Thank you all so much.

We encourage you to continue to submit your art, no matter the variety. If we like it, we will find a way to make it work. And beyond that, we'd encourage you to take a scroll through the new 'Work' tab. There is bound to be something great you have missed. Click on a name you do not recognize. If we want an art scene to flourish, we are the ones who are going to have to nurture it. (Editor's Pick: DM Rice has been with us from the beginning and has some amazing poetry that's been buried by the passing of time and addition of new work. They also are not from San Marcos, so many of our readers may not recognize the name, but we are no more only for San Marcos than the New Yorker is only for New York City, and in fact have work in the pipeline from Mexico City, England, and more.)

"Our initial vision was never to simply have a place to showcase our own work," Buckholz said.

"Yuh, we did this for the community, and I think the community needed us to do it. People are beginning to come out of their shells and share their stuff, and that's great; in fact, we deserve a grant!" Spencer added on, preluding an anti-western capitalism harangue from Martinez which we won't go into here, but which rightly pointed out that no such grant was forthcoming. 


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