Trump responds to recent sybil attack on new d.i.e. park

In a statement on Thursday morning, President Trump had this to say: 

"I've said it before, and I will say it again because it needs to be said, somebody needs to say it, so I will say it: Sybil Journal is a terrorist organization. Now, get this, these guys, these Sybil 3, as they call themselves, they actually have supporters! A few at least, I am told, and get this, do you know what they call themselves? They thought they were being so clever, but we figured it out, I had the best, most intelligent guys on it, and we figured it out, and when we did, I had him read it to me twice, I am a busy—believe me, I do plenty of reading, way more reading than you would believe, I wish I could show it to you, these documents, packets I get delivered to my desk every morning, they are huge, these packets, I am telling you, huge, you wouldn't even believe it, so I had my guy read it to me, this story where these terrorists got their name, and can you believe it, I couldn't, I was so mad, but it's funny, too you know, it's funny, I wonder, do they, do these terrorists even, I doubt they even realized that the author of the story they took their name from was an American veteran, and they say, these terrorists, these animals, they are always going on like you wouldn't believe, they hate America so much, but here they are, I tell you, JD Salinger would be rolling in his grave if he knew what kind of scum, what sort of clowns were using his work in the name of terrorism. Now I hear, we dug deep, you better believe it, when I do research, I go all the way, everything there was to know, and can you believe it, the FBI had files on this guy, this Salinger guy, someone told me he drank his own urine, and I bet he did. No, I mean it. The shape the VA is in under democrats, he couldn't get the help he needed. Now, think about that, dems always wanting to raise taxes, but can't devote enough to help out our veterans, the men who put down Hitler? That doesn't seem right. They are taking all of your money and where is it going? You better check their pockets. Disgusting. No veteran of our fine nation should resort to—it does seem he, Salinger, really attracts psychopaths. John Lennon, he was shot by some guy waving around one of his books, well seems like we have some more book-toting psychopaths, because we found them out. They tried to hide it, but we found them out. Their name, Sybil, it's taken right from this story. I had my guy read it to me, twice, I might add, twice, and she's in there, this little girl named Sybil, and it's where their supporters, I guess I should call them terrorists, too, shouldn't I? I am busy like you wouldn't believe, what with this phony witch hunt, and China, and tariffs, Mexico and Canada, too, we have been screwed over for so long with these trade deals, it's about time, under Obama, you wouldn't believe what he let these people get away with, but not me, uh-uh. These supporters, they call themselves bananafish, ridiculous, right? That's what I thought, and it is because, well it is ridiculous, it doesn't matter, it is, but it's there in the story, too, the bananafish and get this because it's perfect, they don't even know, it's hilarious the way these people just make themselves into—it's almost too easy, I mean they call themselves the bananafish, and do you know what a bananafish is? It says it right there in the text, a bananafish is a fish that swims in a hole, eats a lot of bananas, gets too fat to get out of the hole, and dies. What a mascot! But I mean, it is perfect for them. Where are they? Where have they been? They were a real pain in my neck, in all of our necks, I mean, more of a fly, an annoying fly, I almost didn't have time to deal with them what with this whole witch hunt, let me tell you, THERE WAS NO COLLUSION. If you want collusion, just look at Crooked Hillary and O. How about those emails? So these bananafish, they have their terrorist friends destroy the wall, dozens of people died, just so they could escape, and then they destroy a new amusement park? For what? Here I am just trying to provide for all you beautiful people, and you are beautiful. America really does make the most amazing people. Look at you all! And then it makes some bad people, too, but maybe they didn't come from here. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't born here and they snuck over. That is why we have to improve our border security because potential terrorists are crossing every day, every day, because the democrats didn't want to spend money on the wall I wanted. We got a wall, sure, but it's not the wall I pictured. Not even close. Not even close. So these bananafish, these Sybil boys, boys that's what they are, children, who are in over their heads, and they disappear down a hole to die, just like bananafish, and good riddance! Alright everybody, God Bless."