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Sybil Leaflet Leads to Localized "Etymological Phenomenon"

Local coffee shops have reported huge increases in business with many attributing the recent surge to Sybil's new leaflet series. 

The progression of Issue 1

The progression of Issue 1

"We are excited about this," Sybil co-founder Jake Buckholz told me one afternoon when I found him distributing the leaflets around town. "We are hoping that it is going to increase our readership and also just be something that is kind of fun for everyone. We have done multiple printings of the first issue already, but it has been impossible to keep them on the shelves. Look, I am a busy guy and my printer is very slow. I wish I could stay home and make copies all day, but I've got my crickets to look after," he said, explaining that he worked full time as an insect farmer in the Texas capital. 

Stephen Spencer, co-founder and poetry editor, went on to say he had broken up several scuffles between patrons of the coffee shop where he spends his days as a barista who'd been wrestling over the last available leaflet. 

"I went ahead and pinned the final one to the community board, so that everyone could at least have a chance to read it," he told me, out of breath and with a bruise forming on his cheek from an elbow he'd taken in his efforts to break up the looming brawl. "We'll get more out, but people are just so impatient. Who can blame them though? There is some great stuff in this issue."

After searching for Rudy Martinez, the third founder, and finding only rumors that he'd disappeared to the east coast on some sort of mission for the young journal, I instead met with a local professor of anthropology who specializes in linguistics. 

"It was so strange," the doctor told me, "but about a week ago I began hearing this word everywhere: bumwipe. It was bumwipe this and bumwipe that. And it was everyone who was saying it, not just my students, but fellow professors as well. The head of my department sent out an email that began Dear Bumwipes. It was such an etymological phenomenon that I had to get to the bottom of it. Lo and behold, the word was featured in this leaflet as Sybil's Word of the Moment and it just took the community by storm."

"I don't want to give too much away," Buckholz told me during our meeting, "but we have some big plans for the next issue which will be out by the end of this month. We are bringing in one of our favorite artists to really make it look good this time and we will be paying tribute to a core group of our featured artists who will shortly be making a move across country. I think people are really going to dig it." 

For now, you can find small numbers of Issue one at sporadic intervals in several coffee shops across San Marcos. 

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