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January 2019 Newsletter

Dearest Sybloids,

It’s still January, but just barely. How are you? How’s 2019 treating you? If you’re reading this that means that you’re still with us; you’re surviving, you’re literate—things could be worse. As for us at Sybil, life continues to pummel us with interchanging sucker punches and blessings. Of the greatest blessings is the inclusion of Alyssia Muñoz to the Sybil masthead; though, before her initiation was made official, she was already a consistent confidant and contributor from day one. Now that her position has been made official, she will be helping us respond to the ever flowing submissions in the inbox as well as spur artists in the New York City sector to send work our way.
As for sucker punches, between the four of us, we’re working three jobs: me 2, Alyssia 1, Jake 0, and Rudy 0. Sure, Jake and Rudy get to spend more time clocking in hours for Sybil, but alas, Sybil doesn’t pay well—Sybil doesn’t pay at all, not yet—and rent is due the same time each month. Thankfully, Jake is entertaining odd-job prospects such as capturing and releasing birds from grocery store rafters, while still having some severance pay coming in from the cricket farm; Rudy is good, having always been monastic with money (he only breaks into savings for frivolous expenditures such as cigarettes, tickets to punk shows, and MetroCards); Alyssia is still living off of tips in the second most expensive in the US, and I am struggling to maintain corporeal health while being barista by day and working the door at a bar by night. Alas, we are surviving, we are literate—things could be worse.
Sybil is running stronger than ever with no sign of losing momentum. In addition to publishing work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which we strive to be the norm, we might put something out on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or on the weekend, in the AM or PM: whenever we like, really, and operations will remain freewheeling as long as we have an ample supply of quality work to pull from, and we’ve quite the pile, which seems to expand in height and width on the daily, for that, we are infinitely shocked and gratified. In February, in addition to putting out whatever we’re feeling at any given moment, you can expect quality work by familiar contributors such as DM Rice, Spencer Mirabal, Nicole Brissette, Mitchell Grabois, Mason McClay, May Olvera, Haleigh Holt—also quality work by new contributors such as Jim Trainer, Hadiyya Kuma, Josh Dale, Jose Montano, NOBODY, and Emilee Araujo. 
Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but we’d also like to make the SHOP live in February, but we shall see. To actualize this goal, we need product to sell and a workhorse of a printer to create it. Once said printer is procured, expect limited runs of zines, poetry collections, short story and long story collections, manifestos, etc up for sale alongside shirts, buttons, and eventually posters, post cards, and novelty pens. 

Thank you,

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