(not quite) a literary journal


October Horror-Scopes, by Enoch A. Rios

Aries: Of the signs take heed, Lest they find your body in the hedgerows weeds,

while it bleeds and feeds,

An unnatural beast’s blood thirsty deeds. 

Gemini: Right now the dead outnumber the living 15:1. behind every living person there are 15 ghosts.

Don't turn around.

They anxiously awaiting your company. 

Taurus: You will be trampled violently under hoof of a strange and hideous beast in the stinging cold breath of the foulest dawn

Libra: Don’t lose your head over the small things today because there will be plenty of time to lose your head when its removed from your exsanguinated corpse.

 Leo: Like a cat you'll have nine lives,

and like a cat you'll die nine times, 

over the next nine days,

in nine different ways of unspeakable horrors of nine different kinds.

Capricorn: Soon you will find yourself the unexpected recipient of a large sum of money and you will pay the price… oh so dearly. You’ll want for nothing except death.

Pisces: Your new sign is pieces. Because that's how you'll be found, left to rot in pieces by the horrid creatures that tear you apart limb from limb.

Virgo:  It's always darkest before the dawn. In a deadly game you become a pawn. This nefarious night is loathsome and long. 

 Try till you die. Cry till you die. October will be unsatisfied, until you die.

Scorpio: Nothing straight comes from the crooked timbers of Halloween. Nothing’s here. Nothing’s waiting. Don't be late. Nothing and you have a date.

Sagittarius: Sooner than you think, you'll find the stink, of death and flesh off the bone, it's closer now cause it's your own. 

Aquarius: You will search in vain for the grisly remains. You can't remember your act to dismember, your once dear lover, whose appendages you've torn one from each other.