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'Jelly Fish' and 'Honey Jar', two poems by Sad Girl no last name

Jelly Fish

A silent bell
Taking in the current
Reverberating emptiness
A system of strings
Full of poison
And lightning
A warm body for the heart
Curling cuts in to you until
I forget
You aren’t a part of me
and so my sail has direction
For a while
You disappear without a sound
Even the bubbles have all burst
and then darkness
Mourning, quietly
Until the tides
Bring some new tuna
to love
to death

Honey Jar

The jar is empty.
Where there had once been a bee, delicately hand drawn
and characters (carefully crafted)
describing a honey
so pure, that you never thought
to question
the price you paid
to have it here
in the palm of your hand;
peeled pieces of paper that can no longer hide
the absence
of substance or sustenance.
Your mind
crystallized and cleaned; freed
from fraudulent perception
predicts, that
this jar that promised such delight has been divided
In purpose
The choice is yours.
You will fill it with anything you like; Since it is empty
the fight for function will yield.
Hallowed hollows long to be brimmed and b(e)ared.
Subsided. Fortified in new-
found faculty
Smash the content;less container for its empty offer.
Glare at the fragments
of glimmering glass, not knowing
if anyone could prove
if something had been in there.

the jar breathed
before it breathed for you.
not broken
but opened
by the blessing
you bestow upon the bee
by leaving it,

art by Stephen R. Spencer II

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