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Femme Fatale (femme éternelle), by Stephen R. Spencer II

for Alyssia

Queens I know—
if you grab their pussy
say goodbye to your hand
say goodbye to your life
Understand, Mr. President?
Hope you’re listening, guys
They don’t give a fuck if
Brock Turner’s judge
sentences them to life
If you grab their pussy
you might get murdered,
immolated, assassinated
How a polar bear does a seal,
talking—closed casket funeral.
But should you harm a bad bitch
they remain a bad bitch: essence
untarnished; femme éternelle
is inclusive to every type of lady
, existing within every sort of body
, extending beyond even the balls
on a few Queens I know, born and
bred in blood red Bible Belt states
Tell your friends, they are not
scared of the death penalty
If you grab their pussy
Rest. In. Piss.

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