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Lame, by ChurchCough

Lovers love their lovers
they’re still gonna hurt each other
Some people grow together
others stunt each other
You’re gonna get hurt by whoever you’re with
Your choice to leave, forget, or forgive. It’s all lame

Nothing new comes up if you stay stuck
to yourself. Everybody needs a buddy
—a voice outside themselves
Progression means collaboration
It’s so true, but watch your back
There’s a Judas in every crew. It’s all lame.

Money isn’t evil, it’s Old Testament God
Feral dog might be free
don’t wanna live like one
Only option left is the game
try and win some
Good, bad it’s all the same. It’s all lame.

Music by Caits, ConductHer
Lyrics by Stephen R. Spencer II

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art by Eddie Baty

art by Eddie Baty