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In the grand scream of things, by Mason McClay

1. My notion of empowerment is not thinking in any case that I know.
2. This comes with knowing that you don’t know either.
3. Not knowing has a weight of stillness.
4. Stillness in company is about what’s between.
5. What’s between is always empty so language may perform a filling.
6. I am most responsive in solitude.
7. I don’t know if this what should be called responding.
8. My tools are shovels but digging out means digging through.
9. I can expect to be received by people of empathy: those who communicate to empathize and empathize to communicate, but forget to have an experience worth communicating or a face with which to empathize.
10. Things move faster and time dilates. Is this a contradiction? Only if the self is itself a thing.
11. You want meaning to imbue your writing, but the process of meaning-seeking makes less meaning than is made by seeing.
12. The logic IS important. The same logic pillaring an economy of thought now can be used as an equity of love later.
13. Don’t be the granules language gets filtered through. Take the ocean with open mouth + eyes + breathe fish shit + salt.
14. Notice how you thought that just because for a time your head was out of water, you thought your whole body was also.
15. Run after shiny things for survival, but do NOT market the surplus as life-enhancing.
16. We decide our own thoughts as much as we motivate our own breath.
17. A desire for control is more closely related to fearing loss than it is to autonomy.
18. When we miss the subtleties, we can at least listen to the subtlety of our attention skipping over them.
19. Look at yourself a little more now to focus on yourself a lot less later.
20. We ARE like flies attracted to old ideas that rot with the understanding of what it feels to be understood.
21. I WOULD like to have a pet so I can watch something behave without human insecurity.
22. I DO and DO NOT find privacy around animals.
23. I WOULD like to go to bed feeling tired without questioning the meaning of the steps I took that tired me.
24. I DO like diet coke. I DO NOT care if you think aspartame will kill me.
25. I DO think there’s truth to longing.
26. I DO NOT think it’s to be found in what you’re longing for.
27. I DO NOT think we can divorce ourselves from desire.
28. I DO think anxiety is infallible.
29. I DO NOT think being anxious makes us better or worse people.
30. I AM still suspicious of those not suspicious of themselves.
31. I DO believe in the power of insomnia.
32. I DO think if we’re all to be friends then we should redefine friendship.
33. IF we’re all to share consciousness we should redefine acknowledgement.
34. IF we’re all to care about outer space we should consider caring about inner space.
35. IF we hold our OWN leashes we should think about how we move our hands.
36. Belief IS the only emotion we believe everyone ought to have all of the time.
37. I DO NOT mind excuses.
38. I DO like to lie about little things.

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art by Mason McClay

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