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Give Up the Ghost, by Stephen R. Spencer II

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Give Up the Ghost

Done with bud, trying to become
addicted to reading books and 
eating breakfast, leaving
previous ideals in the past
Exalted dead end goals 
have been exactly the hurdle 
I have not been able to 
surmount, until now….
Done praying to false idols 
The world is projection
, and god is you god is me
The rest is love and war
Essentially, hate doesn’t exist….
The world is stories we
tell ourselves to protect our family 
Dad fucked mom birthed us,
our values, identity, or provided us
with the precedence of that which we
arrived at after our rebellion catapulted 
us to wherever we landed and hung
our flag signifying “individuality”
Do you hear me?
That is life. The rest is preference 
and genetics….

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