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Concerned Citizen, by nonchalant ADVERSARY

This is an example of an article that contains illogical, pre-rational thought. Thinking which doesn’t really make sense to any rational being! 

The issue in this article revolves around a sense of socio-centric tribalism. “My tribe is good. Yours is bad.” It’s inherently pre-mature and rooted in pre-conscious authoritarianism, and a historical development marked by narrow human consciousness. 

The thinking here that is really illogical is to think that God favors my team over your team, my nation over your nation. To think that god is partial. 

How can God be partial if God is a universal constant??? 

This contradicts the Perennial Philosophy. 

The Perennial Philosophy states that God favors all teams. 

According to the Perennial Philosophy, God couldn’t have wanted Donald Trump to be president, since God is not a Christian, and more specifically, God does not vote republican. 

The perennial philosophy means that infinity is unity. 

God doesn’t favor some whole and some partial truths. 

Rather, God favors all wholes, and all “narrow” truths. 

If there is an Absolute truth anywhere in the universe, this truth does not favor this particular narrow form, but rather accepts Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s statements for what they are. 

Werner Heisenberg said, “consciousness was a singular the plural of which was unknown.” 

Yet God is a singular (higher unity), the plural (narrow expression) of which is unknown. 

Pre-mature runs deep. 

What it leads to is the “logical” burning of witches, the crusades, inquisition - run down the whole list - of human to human atrocities, and we find a similarity between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and this perpetual logic. 

Now, of course this stands in violation of more universal principles of intellectual humility, in terms of thinking that your group is the only preferred group. 

All regression is in the name of the service of humility. All repression is in the service of infinity. 

If I could teach those with power about the lessons we need, I would say “try learning to reason.” Try applying “clarity.” Try clarifying positions instead of distorting them. 

God doesn’t want Trump to be president. 

Let god’s position clarify itself. 

What God really wants is the application of critical self-assessment, by authentic ego, not pre-mature distortion of universal truths. 

God wants you to grow up. 

Extra! Extra! https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/30/sarah-sanders-i-think-god-wanted-donald-trump-to-bepresident/ 

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