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See You on the Run, by LMC aka The Shark Lady

See You on the Run

Every time I turn my head
Another development with hundreds of beds
Every time I turn my head
Another development with thousands of beds 

See how they run      
See how they roll
See how they vote     
See How they turn

See you at the outlet malls
See you at the downtown square
See you at the schoolboard
See you on the billboards everywhere

See you in San Marcos
See you all around
Watching as they build up
And tear down and flood out my town

See your fancy utility trucks
Your data gathering vans
See your fancy suits
And all your fancy black sedans

See you with your fancy maroon boots
And all your fabricated architecture plans
See you with your big-time money
And all your local little friends 

Coming with your fancy routes
All your complicated road plans
Coming right for my town
Wishing with all your little demands 

I see your vans in San Marcos
Leaving postcards at my front door
Offering to purchase Mamma’s homestead
While governance is taxing out our poor

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