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Gemini Season by ConductHer

art by  Skye

art by Skye

Outside the Club

I know we just met but
I can see it in your eyes
dont wanna fuck me once, gotta fuck me twice
desire comes with sideways glances weve been giving all night
out here under the street lights
you lookin like you know what you wanna do in between my thighs
I sigh I look away bc
even if to wanted to go home with you
that's not the game i play
you see if I sleep with you
then I'm the fool
giving into my semi addiction
I'm saying all this in my head
meanwhile we're already walking down the street
you done gave me the attention I needed
this ain't the me I wanna be
I see so much of you in me
this ain't the me I wanna be
am I a victim or playing into the patriarchy

C: I know you wanna get to know me but you dont really want to
cuz all I really wanna do
is take you home and get to know you

Girl I am not a vibe I’m like barely alive
I got red wine and a book at the bar
you can tell what I’m not here for
So much self loathing at night, so, yes
You could guess I’ll always be curious

art by  Kennedy Swift


looks like I'm making it a habit
might as well call me an addict
on my way to grab it
then we fucking like some rabbits
tell me I can slap it and I'll listen
grab some water from the kitchen
didnt know what you were missin
now you know
I'm fuckin all your women
notice that I didnt say bitches
cuz the shit I learned from all the pain
I had caused living like I had a dick
and acting like I could just slip in thru the back
that was my plan of attack
side steppin all the feelings
like a hollow human being
then I beat myself up enough
didn't have sex for nine months
came out the other side a new woman
got my strap on and it look like a penis
when you ask what's my game now baby let's both be winners

fuck yall talkin bout yall dont know me
this shit is real and yall are some phonies
and I just might take your girl from you
if I feel like it

im feeding from you you feeding from me
everybody feelin it too
I bet you never had somebody do what I do
never mind having to focus on erections
im tryna make that French connection
girl I got something to say
even tho we came here just tryin to play
I can think of no better way to plate than to say I'm fully satisfied leaving your table
oohoo you got me feelin your attitude
strip me down put me in the mood
fuck your manners I'm feelin rude
and I know you like it
you come and get it and i fight it act like I don't even like it when we both know I'm coming back for seconds thirds
take me all over the world in the palm of your hand
I stan

You don't give me credit
Yeah you don't wanna give me any credit
But I'm still trying
I'm still trying
What does it take
What does it take
To see me trying
To see me trying


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