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Snap Crotch Onesie, by Gion Davis

Sunflower smell 
like a hot highway 
on the table & I’m 
in my snap 
crotch onsie
from urban 
outfitters again
with the root beer 
float that follows 
a paper sack full 
of peach colored 
cherries & cardboard 
cartons of black 
raspberries, a bowl 
of bloody stones, 
fingers stained 
with juice,
this summer is all 
fruit. You’re going 
to get sunburned 
right here he says 
in Maine & hooks 
his fingers into my 
shoulder blade with his 
fiancé behind us.
Spit your cherry 
pits into my palm
I’m your emotional 
support mistress, red 
one piece & choke 
chain. Paradise 
is flamin hot cheetos
in the car listening 
to Best Coast or 
it’s an island. 
Maggots spilling 
out of the compost 
bucket in July & 
he says adorable 
usually means 
fat just like a sunburn 
means leave your 
crotch unsnapped.
Catalpa blossoms 
to cut through 
on the sidewalk,
dusty box fan full 
of hair in the window 
with my peeling back. 
What would my mom say? 
Women age from the
top down is what he said.
I’m so tired of being
angry but I don’t know
what else to be except
alone or tonguing some
dummy’s face 
at a party feeling
righteous &
decapitated by creme
de banana & lemon
pulp in the bottom
of a blue glass 
like seaweed
clumped onto rocks
& barnacles sucking
in and out of themselves
I want to say I 
went outside to barf
but instead I fell 
asleep. She says
I’m sorry he offended
you which isn’t 
an apology so much
as just putting 
the blame on me.
I want to say sorry I
wanted your fiance
to hit on me, see
my belly button’s 
an innie but 
my pussy’s an outie.
Sometimes I want
to hit the ocean so hard
my bones burst.
I open my eyes 
underwater to feel 
the salt sting like 
one long 
slow blink.

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Gion Davis is a poet from northern New Mexico where she grew up on a sheep ranch. Her poetry has been featured in Bad Nudes Magazine, Five2One Magazine and she has received the Best New Poets of 2018 Prize selected by Ocean Vuong as well as being shortlisted for the Peach Magazine Gold Prize selected by Morgan Parker. She is the co-founder and co-host of Dead Bird Reading Series and she currently lives in Northampton, MA, where she is seeking her MFA in Poetry at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Gion can be found on Instagram @starkstateofmind.

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