(not quite) a literary journal


Nonsense, by Stephen R. Spencer II

art by Stephen R. Spencer II

If I snap tomorrow, cause a terror
they’ll call me lone wolf or mentally ill
Spade’s not a spade, couldn’t be clearer
when hetero white boy makes blood spill
Blame dad went away, single working mama
violent video games, blame marijuana
Not the NRA, white supremacy, no way
the war on tv has me fucked up like this
It’s nonsense! Nonsense!
It doesn’t make sense—nonsense!
If I snap tomorrow, could by a gun legally
Eighteen and disturbed, buy a gun legally
Air Force oversight, buy a gun legally
I’ll take it to church, shoot it at school
Las Vegas Strip, Planned Parenthood
30 rounds a minute, 3,000 feet a second
$0.31 per bullet—I can afford to miss
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!Bang! Bang!
It’s nonsense! Nonsense!
Until we grieve together…

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