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Heathen, by Jimmy Reyes

Born in Faith
Their only son conceived under the eyes of God
These shoes are yours to fill, fall short and be left barefoot
Senseless, these scriptures tell of you and your voyage
Let it be known; love is what you receive

Raised to Fear
Penance commenced on wood stools, forgiveness what we seek
This life is not your own, do realize your path, winding down to the grave of
Sharp metal that twists your bones to ash, the pain you are to endure for being free
Free your mind, your spirit, there are no right or wrong answers
Just be correct

Lived for Praise
Vocal letters emptier than a beggar’s wallet, our worship unanswered
Can’t hear, can’t see, these hymns drown listening, disembowel sight
The flesh weak but powerful for a price
The soul momentary but immortal for a trade

Died in Sin
Laid to rest and shall never return
Eternity is a heaven too far to grasp, and too close to allow
The all-inclusive yet exclusive cult for which tugs at my mind
{It begs} |It wails| [It demands]
{Return the love} |This is the answer to your suffering| [Come back to me]

Viva para ser vivida hasta la muerte.
Estar para siempre es ser esclavizado

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