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'Menstruated,' 'Dirt,' and 'Nicholas Maldonado,' by Skye


Blue room

Oxygen in my lungs

You take a drive and my eyes are roaming

My body shifts and pandiculation seizes me

Yawning and yawning, I stretch my words to reach your roots

It makes our time like an exit I keep missing

Frustrating and ever lasting

Drops of red in the water and my breasts are sore

My cervix tight, my energy pounding

My eyes are flowing so I make excuses for these emotions

You took the high route and I’m still on the ground


Call after call

Every time I meet a wall

Each dial tone like a tall

Ever growing tree

That meets me

And gazes over heaves

I take wanting to feel at ease

But still cannot find peace

My eyes are red

I try to think ahead

And calculate, was it something I said? 

Are you in bed

With her?

I revert, I divert, I hurt

I sink my toes into the earth

And wish I was dirt

That way you cannot ignore me anymore

I am your floor

And you can walk on me before

You tuck yourself in and sore 

Into a deep sleep

I am sleeping too

I am a walking dream and you

Are coming too

You are cumming for who?

The two

That would never lose

sight of the view that seemed so pretty but subdued

To the fate that was due

A long time ago

But I wanted to keep you in toe

Ebb and flow

You stand there and glow 

For a young doe 

With a voice like a bow

And arrow shooting you ever so

Carefully and birthing my woes

I revert, I divert, I hurt

I am your dirt

Nicholas Maldonado

To the guy in the black shirt

You think you had me hurt

Or maybe you thought my shirt

Looked better off

But either way

The other day

I thought about what I wanted to say

But couldn’t

Because I was wasted

And your hands were gripping my waist. Did

You not notice how I tasted?

A melange of different liquors

But you must have overlooked

How power is much like a book

With an ordinary cover and insides that forsook

A hero cursing your name

And winning the game

You made her play but she’ll never wish the same

For you

Seven years passed and I am powerful

I am a woman with a power pulse

But don’t think the tower is full

Because of what you did to me

Your name is Nicholas Maldonado and the women just like me, 

they hiss

At your face it’s

Not difficult for me to call out a rapist


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